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Diligence Co-op School

The Diligence Co-op respects the worth of every individual while providing a safe, biblical learning environment.

On Tuesdays and Thrusdays, there is a Bible class followed by math English, science, and history. On Wednesdays, the classes are: art, cooking, health and life skills. There is also the opportunity for the teachers to help students with their curriculum from home on all three days.

Operation days: Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30am to 12pm, Wednesday from 9am to 12pm

Age Range: 6th to 12th grade

Cost: $20 per week



Pastor Greg

Pastor Greg earned his Master's degree from Horizon College of Ministry and a Biblical Studies degree from Seattle Bible College. He has past experience teaching at local Christian schools and Bible colleges.

Ms. Taylor

Ms. Taylor earned her History degree from Manchester University. With four years of education experience, she is leading the Engligh and history classes.

Mr. Chryst

Mr. Chryst earned his Math degree from WWU and has experience substitute teaching in several local school districts. He is leading the math and science classes.



Tuesday and Thursday

Bible Class: Studying the Pentateuch and the Pastoral Epistles.

Math: Review of math fundamentals.

English: Vocabulary, grammar, and various reading and writing activities.

Science: Short science demonstrations and activities based on student interest.

History: American historical events and how they line up with biblical truth.


Study Hall: Time to work on class work.

Cooking: Basic terminology, safety, and practical application of preparing food.

Life Skills: Practical skills that are otherwise uncategorized.